Covid Relief My Life Program

MY LIFE Home Repair/Debt Consolidation Assistance

Second Mortgage Guidelines


Were you or anyone in your household impacted by COVID 19?  Did you suffer a job loss or illness that prevented you from working?  How could you pay your bills if that happened?  Most of us, would use our credit cards – but over time, it becomes unsustainable. Has that happened to YOU?

Did your primary residence suffer damages during COVID 19, and because of job loss or illness, you could not afford to fix the damage?  Maybe a storm damaged your roof, or because of the effects of “LONG COVID” you or a family member needs mobility or handicap upgrades to your home?

Where do you turn?  What can you do?

NHS of Greater Berks has designed a loan program called “MY LIFE” to help you and your family recover from the devastating effects of COVID 19.

Get the money you need to get back on your feet.  NHS is there to help!


MY LIFE Revision Checklist
Is your primary residence in PA?
Have you incurred any home repair or upgrade expenses due to physical issues arising from COVID-19 illness?
What is your current employment status?
Do you believe that your credit score is greater than 580 FICO Score?
What loan amount do you need?
Are you willing to repay the loan, if approved, over a term of no more than 20 years?
Do you have any other pertinent information that NHS may need to make a qualification determination?
Are you able to provide any supporting documentation, such as pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns, to support your loan application?

Note: The questions are designed to collect the requested data efficiently. Additionally, the borrower may need to submit additional documentation and undergo further evaluation during the loan application process.

Unfortunately you do not qualify at this time. Please contact our NHS Counselling Team at 610-372-8433 for further information.
CONGRATS! You have pre-qualified for the MY LIFE Program, to continue and fill out the application form, click on the button below.