Here at NHS Greater Berks, we offer several types of counseling for clients who want to buy, are in the process of buying, or have already purchased homes. Depending on your homeownership status, an NHS housing counselor will sit with the client and develop an action plan to help prepare for or maintain homeownership.  The following types of counseling are currently offered:

  • Pull and review your credit report and score
  • Run calculations to determine monthly affordability
  • Review income and expenses to create a budget based on net income
  • Determine the level of mortgage readiness
  • Create an action plan
  • Review Budget
  • Self-Assessment
  • Review closing documents
  • Home Maintenance
  • Usually lender required
  • Review Budget
  • Eliminating the use of credit cards or lowering amount of existing debt
  • Reduce dangerous borrowing habits
  • Address future steps to take for maintaining homeownership
  • Go over any questions and concerns

NHS’s highly trained homeownership specialists are available to provide a personalized mortgage-readiness assessment, answer your questions, and see you through to the end of your home purchase.


There is no fee for our services and they are available to anyone.

There is a $26 fee for the credit report that is required for counseling sessions.

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